The Great Turnaround - a 40-Day-Devotional

The Great Turnaround - a 40-Day-Devotional

The Great Turnaround - Awakening Call for the Next Generation

The Great Turnaround - Awakening Call for the Next Generation

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the confusion, crime, and lawlessness in your nation? Do you long for clarity, peace, godliness, and holiness?

Are you ready to shift yourself and your nation in prayer from lawlessness to holiness?

Then take comfort in this: God has not forgotten you nor your nation. On the contrary, he has given us the blueprint in his word with which we can walk through. He has already prepared the way. Will you walk on it?

Join Author Susanne Weegmann in The Great Turnaround, a 40-day-journey along with the story of King Hezekiah. You will experience inner-healing and the power of purifying yourself and your nation as a priest of the most high God and see God move in your life and your nation. As you walk chapter by chapter through The Great Turnaround, it will be your cleansing path, your turn towards the laws and orders of the heavenly kingdom, your turn for the good. As you see yourself more and more positioned as a priest and work with GOD together in prayer, it will become The Great Turnaround for you to the Father's heart. You will cleanse and purify your life, break courses over you, your family, and your nation.

You did not land on this page by accident. You are here because God is actively pursuing to install his purposes in your life.

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40 Day-Prayer-Booklet for YOUR TURNAROUND

If you want to go through this story of Hezekiah on your own and combine it with a 40-Prayer-Journey, then you´re at the right time at the right place.

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