16. Nov, 2021

The Gift of Creativity - Prophetic Painting

In my last blog, I wrote about creativity in general in the Kingdom of God. Today I want to focus on Prophetic Painting. What is meant with it, how do we do that, and is it really a part of our life with Jesus? Is there any biblical proof?

Everything God gives on our heart and what is not in conflict with his word, we can do. So when God gives you the gift to paint, draw, write, or even to build sculptures, then take the courage and do it to honor the LORD. Whatever we do, he watches our heart and he knows very well with which kind of attitude you did it.

So how did I come to paint for the Lord? This is an interesting journey, that starter for me in my Highschool time. Every evening, when I couldn´t sleep, I draw with my pencils whatever was before me. I loved to draw portraits and flowers. In that way, I trained my skills and went later to different courses and started studying arts.

Many people in the body of Christ reduce God to the one we meet on Sunday in Service, but he is interested in your daily life. The devil knows very well that many people are creative and he uses it for his honor very well. You can see it in the media, in the movies even in the toys and kids' books. Why do you know all these evil comic figures, these evil kids' stories, or those thousands of thousands of piercings and tattoos worldwide? Because man has the power to create, a gift given from God, but we have to use it for his kingdom.

When I gave my life to Jesus I was confused, because I was one of these people, thinking that you meet God in church on Sunday. So what has my painting to do with him? And is it possible to honor him with that? And then there was another question rising up in me, because I realized early, that I am called as a prophet and do not only have prophetic gifts. So did Mose paint? Have you ever read about Elija drawing the thunder and the lightning while waiting on God? Yes, you are right, you will not find any scripture or any prophet as a role module.

So how can I speak about it as prophetic painting? That´s exactly what I had to figure out.

I love to study biographies and I love to find those diamonds and pearls that scripture shows you if you really dive deep into it.

When Jesus sent his disciples to prepare Passover, he gave them as well everything in detail, what they should do, what they will find, and where.

So I studied Moses and everything Mose did was a prophetic sign that had to do with Jesus, the Passover is the best known and a very good example to talk about in this blog. So Moses got from God the command, in which order he should organize everything, and he did.

Back to my painting, I realized that I do not only paint in worship times, but most of the pictures don´t mean so much to me, while I am doing them, but get important later.

Twelve years ago I started a calendar and decided to paint twelve different pictures only in the colors red, blue, gold and white. I didn´t even know that I will establish prophetic fire ministry, but the dove in the LOGO is the dove from the main picture of those twelve. The colors for me as an author are red, gold, blue and white. Check it out on my Instagram account: susanne_weegmann.

God has always the bigger plan. We need patience, consistent practice, and a heart that really wants to serve the LORD, that wants to honor him and him alone.

So what I did twelve years ago, was absolutely prophetic, although I didn´t realize it when I did it.

Are you ready to step into a very exciting journey? He gave you your gifts and your hobbies, not only to produce something but to get better and better at it and express your love to him. Now you think maybe: "I don´t know how to express my love and honor in a painting!"

I am sure you are. It is easier than you think, just take your beloved material, take your beloved worship music, pray in tongues and start to paint or write, or whatever you wanted to do. Just dedicate this time to the LORD and don´t let anything distract you. I am sure you are amazed about your result.

When it comes to me, I love to share my results, but I can´t paint in a church service. There is too much distraction, so I can´t do what the Lord gives me. This may be totally different for you.

Now you have had a wonderful time with the LORD, and that is what it is all about. If you would like to share your result with others, fine. If not, fine as well. there are people that take it as a sensation, as an attractive gift to show. But that has nothing to do with a creative time with the LORD, because the honor is flowing than to you.

And there is another thing. Often I start painting something, but it is not ready when I finish my time. So it is more like a puzzle. Every time I work on it, there is something new. I know that many people sit down and start may be to paint a horse, so the only thing you have to figure out is, what the horse in the picture is doing.

I know my canvas, my colors, and the direction, but not the end product. It is developing, each time I sit down and work on it.

This is absolutely in contrast to our fast-food time in which we live. Everything has to be produced fast and the result has to be there at once. But God has all the time in his hands and he hasn´t changed. So in Heaven, there is no hesitation and no reason for a hurry. Everything you are doing in his time frame will be brilliant and make an eternal impact.

If you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, you will see that God does not only do you your product, he is as well working at your soul and sets healing free, or revelation, or vision and new hope. God is always working through and in you while you are painting or... So every kind of creativity is as well empowering and uplifting our soul if we do it with worship, as well our spirit.

I want to encourage every artist, to spend time in the presence of the LORD, to dive deep into his word, and see how the LORD develops your gift in interpreting scripture through your art or even prophecy through what you do.