12. Dec, 2021

Authority - Why do we need it? And How do we get it?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have authority and others don´t?

And why is it important to have authority? Maybe you have asked yourself: "How can I get it?"

There is a difference between what we call authority in the natural and how God has placed authority in his kingdom.

We need a deep understanding of how necessary authority is to build up churches and everything else that has to be done in the kingdom of God.

In Matthew 11:27-28 we read, that the leaders were asking Jesus, in which authority he is healing people, but a few days before he had done miracles before their eyes. He had proved that he has the authority to do it.

Authority in the spirit doesn´t mean that you are lifted upon others to do and command what you want and establish "your" church or ministry. Instead, it means that you have the legal right to be in a certain position and God testifies your prayers and deeds through his power so that you can accomplish what he has given you to do.

I want to share a testimony from my own life, to explain a bit of authority. I was in a prayer meeting and we prayed for oriental nations. At that time I was a leader of a Persian church, and in the meeting was a missionary from Sudan. So while we were praying the Spirit of the LORD suddenly took me and it was as if I was above all of these nations, they were under my feet and from that position, I commanded the will of God to be done in these nations. And I prayed that all of these kinds of Nebuchadnezzars will bow their knees before the LORD. It was a simple prayer, but at that very moment, it wasn´t by my own and everybody in the room looked at me and felt the power and authority that suddenly had filled our room.

That´s nothing you can produce by yourself or work for. It is coming, when the Holy Spirit can work through you. When I gave my life to Jesus nearly twenty years ago, God gave me Jeremiah 1,9-10. I knew that it has something to do with my calling, it was in a way my covenant with the LORD that I have to speak and prophesy over nations, but I had no idea how the LORD wants to accomplish it through me. I only wrote down, that the Lord had given me the verses. From time to time the LORD gave me similar experiences in prayer times, but that was all. I even didn´t know anybody walking in that calling. For years I compared the way how other prophets prophecy, how they lead their ministry, but nothing I saw was what I thought God wants to do through me.

The simple answer was and is: unique! Each and every one is unique and you will always find puzzle pieces, parts that fit you. So over the years, I recognized that we all need different role modules. Each of them is for a certain time or for a certain part of your calling.

What do I mean by this?

When I founded Prophetic Fire Ministry I had to start a website. So I compared the websites of many ministries. I looked at how is the website structured, what do does everybody has on its page, what is different, what works for me, and what doesn´t. Working through all I step by step recognized what I need for the ministry, what God wants to do through me, and what not. I needed different people to show me where I could go to finally find out where God wants me to go. Today, all that is needed is in its place and when you go to www.propheticfireministry.com, you find a lot there.

Suddenly I had a place created from which I can reach out to the nations.

My goal was not to create this place, I just wanted to serve God, and in the process, he placed me into this new place of authority.

Somewhen you will be at a similar point like Jesus when you do something for the LORD and nobody can do anything against it - that´s when you serve in authority.

God has a special calling for, a unique way for you to go, and he wants to bring you into your area of authority when you are ready to handle it. Be ready to move forward with the LORD and never lose being noisy as could be, like a little child. He loves to lift you up.